Dachshunds might fly: Sam the Super Dog

We know chocolate is poisonous to dogs and they must never get their chops round it. But the trouble is, our dogs don’t know that. In his youth, one dog I know would go to impossible lengths to get his paws on the forbidden fodder – and he’s less than one foot tall, so it’s no mean feat. He is Sam the miniature dachshund and he’s infamous in his home village due to his impossible antics.


The miniature dachshund - a force to be reckoned with!

The miniature dachshund – a force to be reckoned with!

I think it all started with a kit kat. As dogs don’t possess thumbs (yet, but I reckon they’re working on it), you don’t really expect them to open your kitchen cupboard, carefully remove a kit kat from a multi-pack, unwrap it with precision and then proceed to ‘take a break’, putting their paws up and munching away happily. Well, you don’t until you get home and see the smug expression on your little friend’s face and the evidence that a dog burglar has been at work.

So, from kit kat-gate onwards, it was clear that Sam was Not To Be Trusted in the kitchen. A lock was put on the pantry door, chocolate was placed way above head height and the family was warned. We have a tiny thief in our midst.

While we were busy congratulating ourselves on making our kitchens dachshund proof so Sam couldn’t steal from anyone in the family, it is now clear that Sam had moved onto greater plans. A master plan, if you will. How he learnt to use a needle and thread I’ll never discover, but somewhere in the house I just know there’s a little red and blue cape with a large S embroidered on the back, just the perfect size for Sam to shimmy his diminutive frame into. Because I now know that dachshunds can fly.

It was Easter a few years back. Sam’s human had been given a huge tin of chocolates as a gift. She knew what to do. She climbed on a chair and placed the tin on the highest shelf inside her wardrobe, shutting the door with a click. Then she went out to lunch with friends. And Sam sprang into action.

Assumedly, he raced with glee to his secret hiding place, where the cape was tucked away. In a ceremonious sweep, he whipped the cape over his front paws (inside leg two inches at most) and swooshed it about his shoulders, before taking flight to the top of the wardrobe, grasping the tin between his teeth and landing gently back on the carpet with the smuggest of expressions. He took care to hide the cape again, before ripping the plastic off the tin and beginning, one by one, to unwrap the treasures within and chew happily.

When his human returned home, she found Sam halfway through the tin. She was aghast, while he was in heaven. The wardrobe door was open, a good number of the sweets unwrapped and a proud little chap sat in the middle of the mess with complete pride. And absolutely no side effects, thank goodness. The guy must have a stomach of steel.

How a foot-tall dachshund managed to get a tin of chocolates down from the top shelf inside a wardrobe we’ll never know. Maybe he spent an hour crashing against the wardrobe until the tin unbalanced and fell, knocking the door open as it did so. Maybe he willed it down with one of those hard stares. Me? I reckon he flew. And I’m going to keep searching for that cape!

NB: Chocolate is very bad for dogs and can be fatal. Like us, do all you can to keep it out of their reach. Oh, and no dogs were harmed in the writing of this article!

More of Sam’s antics to come in Crazy Dog Lady …

Words: Aislinn Kelly

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