Sam the Super Dog strikes again!

Ever wondered what the most tenacious breed of dog is? Well, I’m here to lay it on the line people. It has to be the miniature dachshund, with Super Dog Sam at the helm. He may be tiny in stature but he sure makes up for it in sheer determination.


Last time on Crazy Dog Lady, I relayed the story of Sam and his little super dog cape. But that was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Sam aged 13 years old

Sam aged 13 years old

Sam began his light-pawed ways as a puppy, when he broke into an unopened chocolate biscuit tin that was sitting on top of a chest. The family returned home to find a tiny puppy in the centre of biscuit carnage, having polished off a few of the choicest biscuits.

Later, when a tin of Quality Street went missing, everyone blamed Sam but no one had the foggiest idea where the tin was. Months later, it was found under a sideboard with teeth marks around the lid. It seemed our pesky thief had tried so hard to break in that he’d pushed it under the cabinet till he could no longer reach it. Oh the frustration! He’s even eaten half his human brother’s birthday cake.

I’ve been out for strolls with Sam when, all of a sudden, the lead tightens and I am jerked to a stop. I turn to see four short legs firmly planted to the ground and a busy nose pressed to the path. Upon inspection, I discover that Sam is in fact peeling someone’s old chewing gum off the pavement. Waste not, want not.

Sam’s also had a go at defrosting the freezer. As payment for his kind deed, he helped himself to a three course meal of paté, followed by chops, and rather splendidly rounded off with a portion of apple pie for pudding. I know for a fact he ate them in the right order. I just know it.

These pesky youngsters are always trying to steal the limelight!

These pesky youngsters are always trying to steal the limelight!

He has other talents, too. One day, his human mum brought boxes of plates home from a function that she’d agreed to wash. As she unpacked the last box from the car, she was waylaid by a neighbour and they proceeded to chat over the fence. Sam, the helpful little chap that he is, decided to do a good deed. So, he removed every single plate oh-so-carefully from each box, taking care not to break any, and laid them all out Jackson Pollock style on the kitchen floor, where he cleaned each plate until it gleamed.

Sam has even been known to cause the odd faux pas. At a dinner party, he was chastised for some time for whistling under the table. That was until his mum realised it was one of her guests, whistling through his dentures.

But the reason I know for sure that the dachshund is one of the most tenacious breeds, is what happened next. In 2007, Sam suffered a slipped disc and was initially paralysed. But with daily, dedicated physiotherapy on a table pushed up to the window so he could look out during his exercises, followed by walks with his back legs through the handles of a plastic bag, he learned to walk again. He’s pretty remarkable.

Sam can no longer fly to the top of the wardrobe in his super dog cape but he’s not lost his mischievous streak. These days, aged 13, he’s promoted himself to con artist. He’s lately taken to faking going to the loo in order to be awarded a treat. Found out!

So, if you’re ever wondering which the most determined breed of dog is, I think the dachshund has a good chance of being crowned king or queen.

Words: Aislinn Kelly

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