Looking good naked – clever or coincidence?

It seems that our Bruce believes the good old birthday suit is the only thing a dog should have hanging in his wardrobe. And he’s gone to great lengths to make sure we know it … Move over Gok, here’s how to really look good naked.


The very first time we let Bruce off the lead as a miniscule puppy, he was too small to see over the grass. His lack of height, coupled with his delight at being able to charge about freely, led to a water-based incident that I don’t think he’s ever forgotten.


Photograph copyright of The Mighty Pooch Dog Photographers

As Michael and I strolled along the canal towpath, Bruce shot off through the jungle of grass – and plopped straight into the water. Poor little chap hadn’t seen it coming. Since that day, he’s not been a fan of swimming and we never have to bring home a smelly, canal-dripping beast.

So when, a couple of years later, Bruce willingly dived into the canal, it was a huge surprise. But was it a coincidence or was he, actually, being rather clever?

You see, that day Bruce was wearing a scarf. Now, I’m not really a fan of dressing my dog up and, when he had ‘the operation’, he didn’t particularly enjoy having to wear the child’s t-shirt we put him in to stop him from licking his stitches. I should have remembered this when I chose to put a scarf on the proud little pup.

But the scarf was cute and, really, not much different from a collar. So I popped it on and off we went, towards the canal, for a leisurely walk, Bruce rocking his new blue scarf for the very first time. We crossed the swing bridge and turned onto the towpath, where I unclipped his lead. All of a sudden, he made a break for it, careering off course and performing a dive Tom Daley would be proud of, straight into the murky canal. I dashed to the edge frantically, where I found him doggy paddling serenely – and the scarf nowhere to be seen.

As I pulled Bruce back onto terra firma, he looked chuffed with himself. He really did. Pleased as punch. He shook himself off, lifted his head and trotted on, just as if nothing had happened.

He hasn’t been in the canal since. Or worn another scarf. Now, tell me that wasn’t planned by a little mastermind …

Next time on Crazy Dog Lady, more of Bruce’s clever (or coincidence) antics.

Words: Aislinn Kelly


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