Meet Millie and Jake – Leeds Dogs Trust sponsor dogs

For the last three years, Michael has enjoyed the lovely job of photographing the Leeds Dogs Trust sponsor dogs Millie and Jake, whom The Mighty Pooch also now sponsors. Both long-term residents at the centre, Millie and Jake are wonderful dogs who had a tough start in life.


Jake (left) and Millie Photograph by The Mighty Pooch

Jake (left) and Millie
Photograph by The Mighty Pooch

Jake is a tan-coloured beagle cross who was born in March 2009. Aged just one, he came to live at Dogs Trust Leeds in March 2010, where he enjoys paddling in the pond and playing with his squeaky toys. He’s also quite the drooler, which could be down to his love of food! Although Jake has been with Dogs Trust since 2010, it is possible that he could find an adoptive home, should the right people come along. He’s certainly a happy chappy with a lot of sunshine in his doggy smile.

Millie is a Heinz 57 – she is her own unique breed. She was born in October 2000 and, aged two, she arrived at Dogs Trust in September 2002. Millie’s favourite things are her toys, grub and trips out in the car. She is mistrustful, however, of strangers, and dislikes those she doesn’t know. Luckily, she has some wonderful carers who she allows in for cuddles – and plenty of canine chums to play with at the centre. She’s a refined lady who offers her paw for treats and, at 12 years old, she still enjoys a walk and a chew on a big stick.

Dogs Trust vows never to destroy a healthy dog – and that’s why they have their sponsorship scheme, as they explain: “For those dogs finding it difficult to be rehomed, whether it’s due to behavioural or medical issues they may have, supporters are able to sponsor them whilst they are in our care. Sponsorship goes towards food, medical care and training for all the dogs in our care. It also covers the costs of running the rehoming centres, ensuring our dogs stay safe and warm until we can reach our ultimate goal of finding each dog a loving home.”

If you want to find out more, or sponsor Jake or Millie yourself, head to for more information.

Words: Aislinn Kelly


2 responses to this post.

  1. I have been sponsoring Jake since summer 2014. We had a dog Jenny and loved her to bits, but in may 2013 she died. we still miss her . and my husband couldn’t face having another that is why we decide to sponsor dogs trust. I also sponsor Mr Darcy since november 2014.



    • So sorry to hear about your Jenny. We recently lost ‘Great Uncle Sam’, the dachshund belonging to my grandmother, who has featured in many of our blog posts. It’s tough to lose a beloved pet. However, that’s great that you sponsor Jake and Mr Darcy in Jenny’s memory. Jake is a great character. Since Millie died, we have also sponsored Elvis. Dogs Trust is a great cause and it’s lovely to hear from another sponsor! 🙂



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