Get your own fancy bed!

If you’ve followed our posts so far, you’ll already have met the original mighty pooch Bruce, and super Sam the dachshund, but when young whippersnapper Brucie and Great Uncle Sam have a sleepover together, it’s clear to see who’s boss!

It’s true. Bruce actually knows Sam the dachshund as Great Uncle Sam. I know I’m a loon but really it makes sense. Sam belongs to my grandmother; therefore, he must be Bruce’s great uncle. And, if we’re getting really silly, Sam must also be my mother’s brother. (Admittedly, that suggestion isn’t too popular with my mother.)

Bruce loves his furry bed

Bruce loves his furry bed

Great Uncle Sam is about eight years older than Bruce. The very first time they met, when Bruce was an inquisitive puppy with very few manners, Sam put him firmly in his place. One word of warning from the old guy – I suspect along the lines of respecting your elders – has ensured there’s been no bother since. They spend evenings together quite happily, allow one another a welcome sniff and Bruce is always excited (although I can’t think why, since Sam virtually ignores him) when we announce that Great Uncle Sam is coming over.

Bruce and Sam had their first ever sleepover together a couple of months ago at my mum’s house. When it was time to go to bed, mum left them downstairs in their beds and went up to her room. All was quiet. She dozed off.

Then, little noises started emanating from the bedside – tiny whimpers that appeared to be right with her in the bedroom, like a little car alarm going off on the bedroom carpet. Mum peered down and there was Bruce, gazing up at her. It appeared that he was lodging some sort of complaint.

Realising Bruce wasn’t going back downstairs without her, mum trudged down the stairs after Bruce, who seemed extremely insistent that she should follow him post haste.

He led her into the sitting room, straight over to his bed. At once, the cause of Bruce’s grumblings became clear. Great Uncle Sam, sensing that Bruce’s faux-fur-lined bed was a tad more luxurious than his own, had evidently ordered the youngster to hop it before taking up rather smug residence in the centre of Bruce’s bed. Yes, it appeared that Bruce had gone upstairs to find his ‘granny’ with a view to complaining that Sam had stolen his bed and rendered him homeless.

Sam and Bruce - the old gentleman and the young whippersnapper!

Sam and Bruce – the old gentleman and the young whippersnapper!

Mum tried to insist that Sam evacuate Bruce’s bed but Sam haughtily refused. It was clear that he thought, as the elder statesman, he should own the swankiest bed, not that young, foolish upstart Bruce. As soon as Sam was reinstalled in his own bed, he got out again and trotted back to Bruce’s. Bruce looked on, perplexed.

Eventually, as Bruce wouldn’t set foot in Sam’s rejected bed, mum found a solution that Bruce was happy with. She made him a makeshift bed on the sofa (ooh treat!), into which he curled, fixing a beady eye on Sam throughout the move. Thankfully, dogs are wonderful, forgiving creatures and, having agreed to say no more about it, Bruce settled into his temporary accommodation and the two dogs spent the rest of the night in peaceful harmony.

Words: Aislinn Kelly


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