Snooze stations: A week in dog bed heaven

If you lined up all the different styles of dog bed in the world, the row would probably stretch halfway across the globe. There are certainly enough beds to choose from for at least one different snooze station for every day of the week. Check out these great finds.

Monday’s snuggle fest

Monday requires a special kind of bed to ease you gently into a new week. Luckily, Charley Chau has the perfect solution in the form of the Snuggle Bed, for dogs who like to burrow under blankets – and probably take liberties with their humans’ beds when they’re not looking. For those days when you need an extra hug, this bed is just the ticket. From £60

The BecoBed

The BecoBed

Tuesday’s green cred

As the week takes off and different folks demand your time and attention, it’s important to show it’s not all about you – or them. For days when you want to show your green credentials, you need an eco-friendly bed so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment. Take the BecoBed from BecoThings as a prime example. The stuffing is made from 100% recyclable plastic bottles which were originally destined for landfill, while the exterior is made from natural cotton and hemp. From £29.99

Wednesday’s wet weather

Halfway through a working week, the itchy feet start. You don’t just have the urge to take on your usual daily walks and runs – you want to get serious today. If the situation results in very wet fur and muddy paws – plus exhaustion – the Waterproof Bed from Muddy Paws is the order of the day. The antidote to soggy beds and wet dog smells, it’s easy to wipe clean – bonus. From £53.99

Thursday’s chill out

After Wednesday’s extreme burst of energy, Thursday is somewhat more chilled. Reflecting on the gorgeous views and delicious smells you experienced yesterday on your mammoth mid-week trek, you feel like cherishing your environment again while resting your weary paws. The Eco Donut bed from the Eco Dog Company is high-sided and keeps the drafts out, while also being made from 100% recycled materials. £29.99

Friday’s trend-setter

Humans often have friends coming round on Friday nights for dinner, so it’s time to pull out all the stops and bring out the Bubble Bed from the Pets Pyjamas. With a cool retro look in plexiglass and chromium plate, this designer piece is sure to turn heads and provide some dinner party conversation. For the really pampered pooch, there’s even a 24-carat gold version at a cool £4,356! £302.50

Dog Sofa from Anything Dogz

Dog Sofa from Anything Dogz

Saturday’s street cred

When a weekend of glamping is on the cards, the Teepee bed has to be the slumber station of choice. You can leave the teepee flaps open to enjoy the lovely views during the day and, at night, remove the wall to convert the teepee into a bed. £129.99

Sunday’s slumbers

While the rest of the family is digesting their extravagant Sunday lunch and taking afternoon kips on the sofa, the faux leather Dog Sofa from Anything Dogz is the pooch’s answer to a wonderful Sunday slumber. Leave the humans to their own settees and settle down in this stylish seat to watch the back of your eyelids in comfort. From £189

Find out how Bruce lost his bed last week. There was a thief in the night …

Words: Aislinn Kelly

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