Five of the best dog bowls

The other day Bruce’s dog bowl decided to leap from my fingers and shatter itself on the kitchen floor. The cheek of it. Aside from the irritating clean-up job that ensued, I was secretly pleased. It gave me the green light to buy a new one and, whatever I set out to buy, I like shopping!


Here are my top five dog bowls, starting with the becobowl, which now graces our kitchen floor as Bruce’s replacement.

The becobowl

The becobowl

1. The becobowl is an eco-friendly pet bowl made from waste plant fibres, meaning it’s fully biodegradable when you’ve finished with it. You can shove it in the dishwasher and, joy of joys, if you drop it on the floor it won’t shatter. It also comes in a few nice colours – we chose green – and is pretty cheap, starting at £3.99.

2. The Road Refresher is a water bowl that won’t spill, making it ideal for journeys. It also keeps long ears and beards out of the water and claims to reduce slobber by 90%. From £9.99

Chow Bella's bespoke bowls

Chow Bella’s bespoke bowls

3. If your dog is a fast eater, you could try the Pets At Home anti-gulp bowl to slow their eating habits right down. The indentations inside the bowl stop dogs from wolfing their grub at the speed of sound. £5.50

4. If you want a bespoke bowl to show just how special your pooch is, check out Chow Bella. Each bowl is individually made on a potter’s wheel to your specifications and can include words, symbols and even crystals. Swanky. From £15.99

5. For the design-conscious owners, PetsPyjamas offers this cool white gloss raised feeding station, great for larger dogs to aid digestion. £44.95

Words: Aislinn Kelly

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