All cats must be called Dave

Contrary to the popular belief that cats and dogs will fight like, well, like cats and dogs really, Bruce has decided that he rather likes cats. But only if they’re called Dave …


Last year, a gorgeous ginger tom cat came to live at the mill. Unlike other cats I have observed (I’ve never really known a cat, so forgive my ignorance cat lovers!), this one seemed to be really interested in everything we did. He would wander over when he spotted us getting out of the car or struggling with our shopping and rub his little body across our shins with a contented purr. He even leapt on several occasions into our car boot. In fact, he was once on his merry way to Tesco HQ in the back of a van until a neighbour flagged it down and pointed out that he was lurking between the empty boxes in the back.



Despite his beauty, this cat suffered the rather unglamorous moniker of Dave. I apologise to all Daves out there but, for such an extraordinarily beautiful creature, his name was really rather ordinary. Perhaps it kept him grounded. Perhaps that’s why he gave us the time of day. With a glitzy Hollywood name like Brando or Orlando, he might have felt the need to turn his delicate little nose up and flounce off without so much as a by your leave.

It wasn’t just me and Michael who took to Dave. Bruce took rather a shine to the splendid little chap too. Usually, the merest whiff of a feline presence within a 100-yard radius would set Bruce’s spine tingling, his nose twitching and his vocal chords going, whereas the sight of Dave simply seemed to pacify him. As Dave swaggered over, Bruce would sit down calmly and watch benignly. Dave would come within touching distance and Bruce wouldn’t say a word. Not so with the cats who dare to strut across my mum’s lawn – they receive the full vocal force of Bruce’s displeasure.

Sadly, Dave has since moved with his family to Wales. However, he has left his mark. These days, we refer to all cats as ‘Dave’ when Bruce is around. Bruce can be barking at full throttle at some unwitting moggy in the garden yet, at the sound of Dave’s name, he is instantly calmer and the hairs disappear from the back of his neck. The party line is, “It’s OK Bruce, it’s just Dave,” and it seems to do the trick.

We appear to have recently acquired a Dave replacement at the mill. A youngster called Alfie, who is rather adorable and inquisitive. Bruce and Alfie seem to have reached an understanding and Bruce has even got as far as sniffing Alfie’s bottom. Alfie gave him a few seconds of sniffing time before gently boxing his ears. Whether this will make cat encounters more complicated I cannot say. We’re deliberating whether we should introduce Alfie’s name into the mix or just call him Dave too, which seems a little unfair on Alfie. Oh the politics. One thing’s for sure, if we ever adopt a cat, we’ll have to find one called Dave!

Words: Aislinn Kelly

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