Could you be Dog Photographer of the Year 2013?

If you are handy with a camera and your favourite subject is your four-legged friend, you might like to check out the Kennel Club’s competition, Dog Photographer of the Year 2013.


The competition is free to enter and supports the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, which relies on donations and looks after the health and welfare of all dogs, funding research into canine diseases, dog welfare organisations and the promotion of support dogs.

Get down to eye level to really capture your dog's expression

Get down to eye level to really capture your dog’s expression
Photograph by The Mighty Pooch Dog Photographers

There are six categories to enter in the competition: Dogs at Work, Dogs at Play, Dog Portrait, Man’s Best Friend, Puppies and I Love Dogs Because… (under 16’s only). Head over to their Facebook page to find out more – and don’t forget to click ‘Like’ to support it!

You can also find out more at the website

You have to enter by 31 August and the winning images, as well as runners up, will be displayed at Discover Dogs 2013 and Crufts 2014, which is pretty cool. The category winners receive trophies to display on their mantelpiece and runners up will be awarded rosettes and certificates.

Last year’s Dog Photographer of the Year winner, Catherine Laurenson, said, “Photographing animals is my passion and I’m absolutely delighted to have won this award – it is so exciting! The photograph is of Max, our working Collie, at home on our farm in Shetland, although he is more of a part-timer these days!”

Heidi Hudson, Kennel Club’s picture librarian, added, “I’ve seen some of our past winners who are also professional dog photographers get a massive jump start in promoting their work through the exposure from DPOTY at Discover Dogs and Crufts.

“There are so many inspiring stories that come with the entries for DPOTY. What’s also great is that, by entering, you are helping to make a difference for dogs.”

Photograph by The Mighty Pooch Dog Photographers

Photograph by The Mighty Pooch Dog Photographers

The Mighty Pooch’s top 5 tips for photographing your dog

1. Get down to eye level with your dog. This provides a much stronger angle and enables you to really capture their expression beautifully.

2. Position yourself so that your dog’s face is turned towards the light source. You want to be able to see light in their eyes (especially with dark dogs), which ensures their faces come alive.

3. Try attracting your dog’s attention with a squeaky toy or a whistle. If you want to capture that delightful ‘cocked-head’ expression, a silly noise works wonders.

4. Don’t bring the treats out too early – some dogs become treat- and pocket-obsessed and, once the biscuits are out, their gaze won’t falter from the grub, making it tricky for you to get eye contact with the camera.

5. Always be really patient and ensure you let your dog have a rest and a sniff between shots, so they don’t get agitated and bored.

Check out and – and good luck!

Words: Aislinn Kelly

Email Aislinn:

The Mighty Pooch are specialist dog photographers based in Yorkshire but happy to travel for photoshoots. Go behind the scenes of some of our shoots.


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