Bruce’s Biscuit Treats

As promised, here is our recipe for Bruce’s every-day biscuits.

We made a batch for Valentines Day  Taken on an iPhone

We made a batch for Valentine’s Day
Taken on an iPhone

What you need:

450g wholemeal flour

170g porridge oats

30g lard

1 tbsp oil

40g grated parmesan cheese

400ml unsalted stock (chicken works well)

3 carrots

What you do:

Preheat your oven to 160ᵒC/Gas mark 3.

To start, mix the flour, oats, lard and cheese in a bowl. Then add the stock until it all comes together into a ball of dough.You may not need all the stock, so don’t quite add it all at once as you don’t want to end up with a sticky gloop of flour all over your hands (trust me, I’ve been there 😀 ).

Bruce thinks the biscuits are grate :D Taken on an iPhone

Bruce thinks the biscuits are grate 😀
Taken on an iPhone

Finely grate the carrots and work that into the dough ball. Next, tear off a piece of greaseproof paper the same size as the baking sheet you’re going to use and lightly flour it. Roll out the dough to about ½ a centimetre thick and then cut it into biscuits. I find that using a pizza wheel is the quickest way at carving the biscuit shapes. I like to keep some a bit bigger for more of a treat and also make tiny little ones to talk out on walkies.

Bake the biscuits towards the bottom of the oven for 40-50 minutes. When they are looking golden in colour, turn the oven off but leave them in the oven to dry out fully for that all important satisfying crunch.

These biscuits are not too shabby for human consumption either, so if you get a bit peckish out on your dog walk they’ve got you covered too.

Words: Michael Thompson

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  2. Your final paragraph has me shaking my head and rolling my eyes. That is just totally wrong, very very wrong indeed.



  3. They look delish!!!! Thank you for following us…we LOVE meeting new dog bloggers…You have two new followers wagging along with me and Trev!!!! Hope your weekend is wonderful!!!! Hugs



  4. I love cheese, so I think I’d like these!



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