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Cool June slides into hot July – June’s round-up on the blog

Apparently we’re in line for a heatwave in the UK and I, for one, am all for it. There’s a small chap sitting at my feet as I write, however, who isn’t so keen.

We'll be going boating again this month

We’ll be going boating again this month

Bruce’s black fur heats up like a furnace in the sun and overheating means he can’t charge about for as long as he would like. He will be on a constant look out for little patches of shade into which he’ll disappear, so that only his lolling tongue is visible to the human eye. But, before we heat up for summer, let’s recap June on the blog.

Last week the lovely people at the Kennel Club dropped us a line to let us know about their Dog Photographer of the Year competition, which looks like great fun. We’ll be preparing our entries next month – paws crossed!

In Crazy Dog Lady, I wondered if dogs ever hold grudges and lamented the amount of poop lining our parks and pavements. We also looked at the relationship between dogs and cats and how all cats must be called Dave in our house to keep Bruce sweet.

Bruce's becobowl is currently out of action

Bruce’s becobowl is currently out of action

I also checked out five of the best dog bowls and purchased a beco bowl for Bru, which I then promptly left at our best friends’ house. At the moment Bruce is eating from a dinner plate! On the subject of eating, I also discovered that brushing dogs’ teeth is even more important than I realised and have begun a regime of tooth polishing with the little guy that he stoically accepts. Finally, at the very start of the month we visited a fabulous dog-friendly hotel in Norfolk, which we couldn’t help but recommend to you.

This month I’ll have more Crazy Dog Lady nonsense plus another pic of the shoot and all manner of dog-related loveliness to share, including a dog-friendly boating trip on the River Thames. Enjoy the sun!

Words: Aislinn Kelly

Email Aislinn:

The Mighty Pooch are specialist dog photographers based in Yorkshire but happy to travel for photoshoots. Go behind the scenes of some of our shoots.

Rounding up a mad May on The Mighty Pooch blog

We’ve had a lovely month, despite the disappointing weather. We headed off on our dog-friendly summer holiday on the Norfolk Broads which was gorgeous – it’s great to be able to take Bruce away with us. He makes a holiday all the more fun.


Betsy from Dog Friendly UK. Photograph copyright of Dog Friendly UK

Betsy from Dog Friendly UK. Photograph copyright of Dog Friendly UK

Staying with the holiday theme, we interviewed lovely Zoe at Dog Friendly UK, who’s cute Chihuahua Betsy has become something of a hotel and restaurant inspector.

Dogs Trust featured quite a bit this month too. We interviewed education officer Laura-Jane who, along with adorable pooch Oscar, visits schools to educate kids on responsible dog ownership. We also met the Leeds Dogs Trust sponsor dogs Jake and Millie, who we’re proud to sponsor and delighted to photograph. We also discovered how rescue dogs can become more optimistic and the vital role rescue centres play in facilitating their happiness.

Jake (left) and Millie, Leeds Dogs Trust sponsor dogs. Photograph by The Mighty Pooch

Jake (left) and Millie, Leeds Dogs Trust sponsor dogs.
Photograph by The Mighty Pooch

In other news, we found out that dogs get high when they run, they can help cure back pain and that owners of Labradors and Golden Retrievers can help scientists to combat canine obesity.

In sillier posts, I recounted the story of Bruce’s dip in the canal and the night Sam stole Bruce’s bed, before spending a week in dog bed heaven with some of the coolest beds on the market.

In pic of the shoot we met Milo the Jack Russell, who brought us to our knees quite literally, before discovering that some dogs could be getting their own computers in the future. Then I got quite silly again and imagined what an email from Bruce to his Grandma would read like. I know, I know.

Milo the Jack Russell terrier. Photograph copyright of The Mighty Pooch

Milo the Jack Russell terrier.
Photograph copyright of The Mighty Pooch

This month, we’ll be filling our dog blog with more crazy dog lady antics, picking out some more cool canine kit and bringing you the latest interesting stories from the dog world. And of course we’ll be doing a lot more of what we do best: being dog photographers. Happy June folks!

Words: Aislinn Kelly

Email Aislinn:

The Mighty Pooch is a specialist dog photographers based in Yorkshire but happy to travel for photoshoots. Go behind the scenes of some of our shoots.

Wrapping up a hectic April on The Mighty Pooch blog

The sun finally made an appearance this month, bringing with it glorious daffodils, crocus and, right outside our house, some beautiful blossom. We’ve had a busy month at The Mighty Pooch HQ with photoshoots and we also managed to get away for the weekend with the pooch to Crake Trees Manor in Cumbria, where we spent three nights in a shepherd’s hut and managed to photograph the resident dogs while we were there.


The gorgeous view from the shepherd's hut at Crake Trees Manor

The gorgeous view from the shepherd’s hut at Crake Trees Manor

In Cool Canine Kit we checked out some bulldog-inspired pieces for dog lovers’ interiors, plus the hottest dog-inspired arm candy for spring summer ‘13. After much research, we also picked out our top 5 dog-inspired gifts for guys who love their four-legged friends and aren’t afraid to show it!

We visited the guys at Dogs Trust Leeds to photograph sponsor dogs, Millie, Jake and Elvis, three gorgeous dogs who were down on their luck till the wonderful folks at Dogs Trust came along to take care of them. Now they are the faces of the charity – and what lovely little faces they are. If you fancy sponsoring one of them, head to for more info. Take it from us – it feels good.

We also checked out GPS collars after we found a wandering dog – let us know if you use one and what you think – and learnt something interesting about the sniffing powers of detection dogs. And we chatted to Nicole Welch, a 17-year-old with a huge ambition to open her own dog-friendly café in London.

Dexter the boxer - one of our pic of the shoot stars

Dexter the boxer – one of our pic of the shoot stars

Dexter the boxer and Lucy the spaniel were our pic of the shoot stars this month. And finally, in Crazy Dog Lady, we shared with you super Sam the dachshund’s incredible thieving ways. We’re still searching for that cape!

Phew, I don’t know how we fitted all that in.

And so May is upon us, bringing more Crazy Dog Lady shenanigans to The Mighty Pooch blog – are the clever things Bruce does really clever or just a coincidence? We’ll have more Cool Canine Kit, plus we’ll meet the Dogs Trust sponsor dogs in pic of the shoot, and lots more! So please stay tuned – and get in touch if you’ve anything to share with us or would like to be featured as a Pooch Profile.

Have a great month!

Aislinn Kelly

Wrapping up a chilly March on The Mighty Pooch dog blog

We’ve worn gloves in the office at Mighty Pooch HQ this month on occasions as it’s been so flipping cold. Our favourite hot water bottle Brucie has been employed to keep our knees warm every morning – as office dog, he has a vital role to play in keeping us inspired and motivated! Despite having to rearrange a few photoshoots thanks to the truckloads of snow, this month on the new dog blog has been fun and we’ve come across some great finds.

Buddy at the beach on a rare un-snowy day this March

Buddy at the beach on a rare un-snowy day this March

In cool canine kit we lusted after dog-inspired jewellery for the fashion-forward woman – I’m still keen to get my finger through one of those stunning Chris Robin greyhound rings.

We also chatted to Brit designer Joanna Mac, an upholsterer whose English bulldogs are her inspiration. Their expressive faces ensure her cute designs are bang on trend.

In pic of the shoot we shared some of our own dog photography techniques for taking great images, beginning with our very own little chap Bruce who, surprise surprise, we photographed against a gorgeous snowy backdrop as he flew through the air. Move over David Gandy, there’s a new male supermodel in town.

Next up came Buddy, a red dachshund/King Charles spaniel mix whose latest photoshoot at the beach showed off his lovely coat to perfection.

Elsewhere this month I confessed to my daft notion that the beautiful town of Patterdale in the Lake District – the birthplace of Bruce’s ancestors – would be a sort of Disneyland for patterdale terriers, complete with gift shops and museums dedicated to my beloved breed. In the words of Del Boy, what a plonker!

Greyhound ring by Christopher Robin

Greyhound ring by Christopher Robin

And finally, we celebrated National Puppy Day, as dog lovers across the globe campaigned for an end to puppy farms and pet shops selling pups. Let’s hope, one day soon, we’ll see an end to this cruelty.

And so April is almost here – we hope it brings milder weather. Hey, maybe even some rays of sunshine! To The Mighty Pooch blog, April will bring more musings from the crazy dog lady, plus plenty of new cool canine kit to drool over and some gorgeous products to brighten your dog’s day. We’ll take a whistlestop tour through some quirky surprises for stylish interiors in part 2 of our bulldog couture feature and we’ll also meet Dexter the boxer and Lucy the spaniel in pic of the shoot. Plus, our new website should make an appearance. So stay tuned. And get in touch!

Happy Easter!

Aislinn Kelly and Michael Thompson

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