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Five of the best dog bowls

The other day Bruce’s dog bowl decided to leap from my fingers and shatter itself on the kitchen floor. The cheek of it. Aside from the irritating clean-up job that ensued, I was secretly pleased. It gave me the green light to buy a new one and, whatever I set out to buy, I like shopping!


Here are my top five dog bowls, starting with the becobowl, which now graces our kitchen floor as Bruce’s replacement.

The becobowl

The becobowl

1. The becobowl is an eco-friendly pet bowl made from waste plant fibres, meaning it’s fully biodegradable when you’ve finished with it. You can shove it in the dishwasher and, joy of joys, if you drop it on the floor it won’t shatter. It also comes in a few nice colours – we chose green – and is pretty cheap, starting at £3.99.

2. The Road Refresher is a water bowl that won’t spill, making it ideal for journeys. It also keeps long ears and beards out of the water and claims to reduce slobber by 90%. From £9.99

Chow Bella's bespoke bowls

Chow Bella’s bespoke bowls

3. If your dog is a fast eater, you could try the Pets At Home anti-gulp bowl to slow their eating habits right down. The indentations inside the bowl stop dogs from wolfing their grub at the speed of sound. £5.50

4. If you want a bespoke bowl to show just how special your pooch is, check out Chow Bella. Each bowl is individually made on a potter’s wheel to your specifications and can include words, symbols and even crystals. Swanky. From £15.99

5. For the design-conscious owners, PetsPyjamas offers this cool white gloss raised feeding station, great for larger dogs to aid digestion. £44.95

Words: Aislinn Kelly

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Snooze stations: A week in dog bed heaven

If you lined up all the different styles of dog bed in the world, the row would probably stretch halfway across the globe. There are certainly enough beds to choose from for at least one different snooze station for every day of the week. Check out these great finds.

Monday’s snuggle fest

Monday requires a special kind of bed to ease you gently into a new week. Luckily, Charley Chau has the perfect solution in the form of the Snuggle Bed, for dogs who like to burrow under blankets – and probably take liberties with their humans’ beds when they’re not looking. For those days when you need an extra hug, this bed is just the ticket. From £60

The BecoBed

The BecoBed

Tuesday’s green cred

As the week takes off and different folks demand your time and attention, it’s important to show it’s not all about you – or them. For days when you want to show your green credentials, you need an eco-friendly bed so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment. Take the BecoBed from BecoThings as a prime example. The stuffing is made from 100% recyclable plastic bottles which were originally destined for landfill, while the exterior is made from natural cotton and hemp. From £29.99

Wednesday’s wet weather

Halfway through a working week, the itchy feet start. You don’t just have the urge to take on your usual daily walks and runs – you want to get serious today. If the situation results in very wet fur and muddy paws – plus exhaustion – the Waterproof Bed from Muddy Paws is the order of the day. The antidote to soggy beds and wet dog smells, it’s easy to wipe clean – bonus. From £53.99

Thursday’s chill out

After Wednesday’s extreme burst of energy, Thursday is somewhat more chilled. Reflecting on the gorgeous views and delicious smells you experienced yesterday on your mammoth mid-week trek, you feel like cherishing your environment again while resting your weary paws. The Eco Donut bed from the Eco Dog Company is high-sided and keeps the drafts out, while also being made from 100% recycled materials. £29.99

Friday’s trend-setter

Humans often have friends coming round on Friday nights for dinner, so it’s time to pull out all the stops and bring out the Bubble Bed from the Pets Pyjamas. With a cool retro look in plexiglass and chromium plate, this designer piece is sure to turn heads and provide some dinner party conversation. For the really pampered pooch, there’s even a 24-carat gold version at a cool £4,356! £302.50

Dog Sofa from Anything Dogz

Dog Sofa from Anything Dogz

Saturday’s street cred

When a weekend of glamping is on the cards, the Teepee bed has to be the slumber station of choice. You can leave the teepee flaps open to enjoy the lovely views during the day and, at night, remove the wall to convert the teepee into a bed. £129.99

Sunday’s slumbers

While the rest of the family is digesting their extravagant Sunday lunch and taking afternoon kips on the sofa, the faux leather Dog Sofa from Anything Dogz is the pooch’s answer to a wonderful Sunday slumber. Leave the humans to their own settees and settle down in this stylish seat to watch the back of your eyelids in comfort. From £189

Find out how Bruce lost his bed last week. There was a thief in the night …

Words: Aislinn Kelly

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The Mighty Pooch is a specialist dog photographers based in Yorkshire but happy to travel for photoshoots. Go behind the scenes of some of our shoots.

Cool canine kit for guys

When I told Michael I was going to find some designer dog wear and unearth some cool canine kit for guys, he pulled a sceptical face, while visions of Granny’s favourite appliqued jumpers sprung to mind. And, with all the – frankly dreadful – t-shirts, socks and other cheesy items I found clogging up the internet, he wasn’t wrong when he predicted it would be tricky to hone in on the good stuff. But I trawled through the dirge so you don’t have to and here’s my top 5 dog-inspired gifts for guys.


General Cornelius Fuzzington tee by Maiden Voyage Clothing

General Cornelius Fuzzington tee by Maiden Voyage Clothing

1. I had to subject my eyes to hundreds of tedious “This guy loves dogs” and “Pugs not drugs” t-shirts to unearth a cool General Cornelius Fuzzington tee by Maiden Voyage Clothing. Love it teamed with jeans and a pair of converse for a lazy day. Approx £19

2. Remember Rude Dog and the Dweebs? Well, these English bull terrier cufflinks from the Dog and Dobbin really remind me of that old-school cartoon. Worn with a cool suit, they give a sneaky nod to canine couture. £27.95

3. This LostDog iPhone cover is arty and fun. Approx £15

4. There are plenty of mugs to be mulled over, but I chose this Goggles Dog mug by Nadia Sparham as a fun gift for a guy who likes scruffy terriers and a decent cuppa. For the more refined chaps, it even comes with a saucer. £12

English bull terrier cufflinks by Dog and Dobbin

English bull terrier cufflinks by Dog and Dobbin

5. We could have done with one of these dog collar cams when Sam was in his prime to discover how he got up to all his thieving! A great gift for a gadget lover who owns a mischievous and adventurous dog – a quick Google search is all that’s required to enter another world of technological possibilities! Various ££

Words: Aislinn Kelly

Dog-inspired gifts for spring summer 2013

So, apparently spring’s on the way. And you know what that means folks? It’s time to whack a new handbag on your arm and let the compliments roll in. Of course, at The Mighty Pooch, if it isn’t a dog inspired gift, they ain’t getting in! Here’s my top 6 …


Christopher Raeburn bag

Christopher Raeburn bag

1. A key colourway for SS13 is monochrome, so I couldn’t leave out this little guy by Christopher Raeburn who is halfway there. I could see him accessorising an oversized white shirt and pair of monochrome checked skinnies. Plus he looks just like the original mighty pooch, so that seals it! £250

2. Statement frills are big business this season, so I thought why not bows? This cute bow purse is a total bargain at £10. And, of course, which dog rocks the monochrome trend best? It’s got to be the gorgeous dalmatian.

3. How many times do you get to the checkout at the supermarket and realise you’ve left your bags in the boot again?! The pug on this tote bag implores you to take him with you, so you won’t ever forget your bags again. £9.95

Dalmatian bow purse from Don't Feed The Bears

Dalmatian bow purse from Don’t Feed The Bears

4. In this season’s monochrome checks, this dachshund wristlet is bang on trend. Not sure he’d do much for my wardrobe but I have a couple of nieces who’d go wild for this little guy. £16.99

5. I love this dog-print pouch from Paul Smith. If you don’t want to go all out with a dog-inspired handbag, carrying this little beauty in your bag to keep your make-up together is a nice little nod to doggy fashion. £185

6. This limited-edition adopt a greyhound wristlet combines a pair of beautiful canine eyes with a social conscience. Made to order, you can choose from a few bright colours for the lining, nicely linking in with this season’s penchant for fluorescent colours. £27

Coming soon to cool canine kit, I’ve got some dog-inspired gifts for the guys. Watch this space …

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Words: Aislinn Kelly

Bulldog couture part 2: Quirky surprises for stylish interiors

We couldn’t leave the topic of bulldog-inspired interiors without taking a whistlestop tour around the seemingly endless possibilities of supersizing our bulldog collection. Oh yes, to go with your new English bulldog chair from Brit upholsterer Joanna Mac, you can snap up a whole plethora of bulldog gear. We’ve picked out a cool top 5 to share with you here.


Rockin' bulldog lamp base

Rockin’ bulldog lamp base

1. I may not have a bulldog myself but I’m getting my paws on a couple of these cute candles. Admittedly, they’re pretty bright – but I reckon they have the cool factor if they’re placed cleverly in the right spot at home. My top tip is to stay clutter-free when displaying an item like this, to avoid the ‘granny’s sideboard’ look. £19.99

2. Bloom Boutique’s bulldog door knob adds a touch of dog-inspired style to a chest of drawers or a cute detail to a kids’ room. I love a quirky surprise in a stylish interior and this really fits the bill. £15

3. If you have a home office – or a dog-loving teenager – this bulldog lamp is top of my list to bring a bit of humour to your home. Cast in resin with a high-gloss finish, he actually beats the classic Abigail Ahern for me. £98.90

Bloom Boutique’s bulldog door knob

Bloom Boutique’s bulldog door knob

4. The most inexpensive and speedy way to update your home is to cast off your old cushions and snuggle up with a new design. Check out this Amy Brocklehurst hand-drawn bulldog linen cushion from her Tom, Dick and Harry collection. What a face! £40

5. For children who need a night light when they go to bed, this charming bulldog ceramic lamp is the perfect solution, casting a warm glow over the room. £37.57

When incorporating dog-inspired furnishings into your home, try to stick to one or two key pieces to accessorise your space. Avoid overdoing this look – less is definitely more here!

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Words: Aislinn Kelly

Dog-inspired jewellery for fashion-forward women

It’s your sister’s/mum’s/daughter’s birthday. It happens every year, funnily enough. Should you reach for the same old perfume you buy year on year – or something a little bit different? Well, we’ve scoured the net to bring you the coolest dog-inspired jewellery for those who adore their four-legged friends. No cheese here.


Christopher Robin’s greyhound ring in silver


With designers like London-based Annina Vogel producing vintage-inspired animal jewellery worn by the likes of Keira Knightley (swallow ring, £1,250) and Kate Moss (gold and pearl horseshoe ring, £450), animal jewellery is making a big comeback. Here’s our top five list of dog jewellery to make you drool.

1. Marc Jacobs’ Shorty Dog Tag Necklace is a long chain with a cute glass-pearl bulldog charm – ideal to brighten up the latest catwalk trend, the trouser suit. £79

2. We are in love with Christopher Robin’s Greyhound Ring, available in both gold and silver. Elegant and sleek, the silver version is a steal at around £42. I’m dropping hints right now and I don’t even have a greyhound.

3. Dog and Dolls’ Anais Gold Bracelet would make a gorgeous gift for a girl who loves glamour and gold. With a little resin pooch charm, gold ribbon and gold-effect beads, it’s just too pretty. End of. £57.99

4. This Oh So Sweet Boston Terrier Pendant is a total bargain at just £4.74. How about ditching the Easter eggs this year and buying your loved ones a pretty little gift like this instead?

5. From Silk Purse Sow’s Ear comes this adorable Labrador Dog Locket in antique brass, surely the perfect place to keep your favourite photograph. £14

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Words: Aislinn Kelly

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