The Dog Photographers

We are specialist dog photographers in the UK, based in beautiful Yorkshire. We work in the great outdoors to keep our canine subjects happy, relaxed and free to enjoy their sessions. We produce fine art photographs with an environmental edge for dog lovers who want something different on their wall – something that celebrates the life of their beloved friend.


We also produce The Mighty Pooch dog blog, where we aim to create informative and entertaining content for all dog enthusiasts to enjoy.

We have both been professional photographers for over five years and our assignments have taken us all over the place, even as far as Perth in Australia. Our photographs have been featured in lots of publications, like the Times and the Yorkshire Post, and we’ve invested in the best training throughout our careers to ensure we provide top-quality images to our clients. While Michael is full-time at The Mighty Pooch, Aislinn is also a copywriter, having previously worked as a newspaper feature writer and an editor.

If you’d like to chat to us or simply would like further information about our photography services or our dog blog, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Hope to chat to you soon …

Aislinn and Michael

The Mighty Pooch

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