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Cool June slides into hot July – June’s round-up on the blog

Apparently we’re in line for a heatwave in the UK and I, for one, am all for it. There’s a small chap sitting at my feet as I write, however, who isn’t so keen.

We'll be going boating again this month

We’ll be going boating again this month

Bruce’s black fur heats up like a furnace in the sun and overheating means he can’t charge about for as long as he would like. He will be on a constant look out for little patches of shade into which he’ll disappear, so that only his lolling tongue is visible to the human eye. But, before we heat up for summer, let’s recap June on the blog.

Last week the lovely people at the Kennel Club dropped us a line to let us know about their Dog Photographer of the Year competition, which looks like great fun. We’ll be preparing our entries next month – paws crossed!

In Crazy Dog Lady, I wondered if dogs ever hold grudges and lamented the amount of poop lining our parks and pavements. We also looked at the relationship between dogs and cats and how all cats must be called Dave in our house to keep Bruce sweet.

Bruce's becobowl is currently out of action

Bruce’s becobowl is currently out of action

I also checked out five of the best dog bowls and purchased a beco bowl for Bru, which I then promptly left at our best friends’ house. At the moment Bruce is eating from a dinner plate! On the subject of eating, I also discovered that brushing dogs’ teeth is even more important than I realised and have begun a regime of tooth polishing with the little guy that he stoically accepts. Finally, at the very start of the month we visited a fabulous dog-friendly hotel in Norfolk, which we couldn’t help but recommend to you.

This month I’ll have more Crazy Dog Lady nonsense plus another pic of the shoot and all manner of dog-related loveliness to share, including a dog-friendly boating trip on the River Thames. Enjoy the sun!

Words: Aislinn Kelly

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