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Wrapping up a hectic April on The Mighty Pooch blog

The sun finally made an appearance this month, bringing with it glorious daffodils, crocus and, right outside our house, some beautiful blossom. We’ve had a busy month at The Mighty Pooch HQ with photoshoots and we also managed to get away for the weekend with the pooch to Crake Trees Manor in Cumbria, where we spent three nights in a shepherd’s hut and managed to photograph the resident dogs while we were there.


The gorgeous view from the shepherd's hut at Crake Trees Manor

The gorgeous view from the shepherd’s hut at Crake Trees Manor

In Cool Canine Kit we checked out some bulldog-inspired pieces for dog lovers’ interiors, plus the hottest dog-inspired arm candy for spring summer ‘13. After much research, we also picked out our top 5 dog-inspired gifts for guys who love their four-legged friends and aren’t afraid to show it!

We visited the guys at Dogs Trust Leeds to photograph sponsor dogs, Millie, Jake and Elvis, three gorgeous dogs who were down on their luck till the wonderful folks at Dogs Trust came along to take care of them. Now they are the faces of the charity – and what lovely little faces they are. If you fancy sponsoring one of them, head to for more info. Take it from us – it feels good.

We also checked out GPS collars after we found a wandering dog – let us know if you use one and what you think – and learnt something interesting about the sniffing powers of detection dogs. And we chatted to Nicole Welch, a 17-year-old with a huge ambition to open her own dog-friendly café in London.

Dexter the boxer - one of our pic of the shoot stars

Dexter the boxer – one of our pic of the shoot stars

Dexter the boxer and Lucy the spaniel were our pic of the shoot stars this month. And finally, in Crazy Dog Lady, we shared with you super Sam the dachshund’s incredible thieving ways. We’re still searching for that cape!

Phew, I don’t know how we fitted all that in.

And so May is upon us, bringing more Crazy Dog Lady shenanigans to The Mighty Pooch blog – are the clever things Bruce does really clever or just a coincidence? We’ll have more Cool Canine Kit, plus we’ll meet the Dogs Trust sponsor dogs in pic of the shoot, and lots more! So please stay tuned – and get in touch if you’ve anything to share with us or would like to be featured as a Pooch Profile.

Have a great month!

Aislinn Kelly

I guess it must be bath time: pic of the shoot three

An insight in to the world of a dog photographer.


When we plan a mighty pooch photoshoot, one of our key aims is to bring out the personality of the dog we’re photographing. As all we dog lovers know, every single pooch has their own quirks, their own style and their own interests. That’s one of the reasons why we love them so much. Dexter the boxer was no exception.

Dexter pic of the shoot

Dexter’s pic of the shoot: the puddle dip

There was a slight worry from Dexter’s ‘auntie’ who had organised the dog photography shoot that Dexter wouldn’t get up to much – that he’d just lope around and not really co-operate. But that was fine with us – we’ve worked with all kinds of dog personalities and we have little tricks up our sleeves to get the images we want.


We took Dexter’s portraits first – before he got dirty …

However, Dexter was fantastic. He loved it. We’re always amused by how much our pooches enjoy their photoshoots – it must be a combination of the fresh air, good smells and abundance of attention and praise.

Dexter’s auntie had warned us that when Dexter gets too warm, he likes to chill out in huge puddles, so we knew we had to get the portraits taken first before he heated up and decided to take a dip – basically, we had to get the close-ups before Dexter got very dirty!

The first time Dexter took a puddle dip, we couldn’t take the photograph. The light was all wrong for us and the location wasn’t good. We weren’t feeling it. The second time, however, we cracked it and took the black and white shot above. The light was good and the background uncluttered, putting all the focus on Dexter. His position in the water relative to the light is perfect and his expression is great – even the splashes of water round his forehead are reflected nicely in the light.

Why do we love this image? The eye contact is great – it’s like he knows he’s been caught in the act, and he knows he’s having a bath when he gets home … but does he care? Nah – not a bit! This is Dexter as Dexter’s family know him – and you can’t beat that.

Next on pic of the shoot: Lucy the spaniel in action …

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Words: Aislinn Kelly

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Great expression!

Great expression!

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