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Bulldog couture part 2: Quirky surprises for stylish interiors

We couldn’t leave the topic of bulldog-inspired interiors without taking a whistlestop tour around the seemingly endless possibilities of supersizing our bulldog collection. Oh yes, to go with your new English bulldog chair from Brit upholsterer Joanna Mac, you can snap up a whole plethora of bulldog gear. We’ve picked out a cool top 5 to share with you here.


Rockin' bulldog lamp base

Rockin’ bulldog lamp base

1. I may not have a bulldog myself but I’m getting my paws on a couple of these cute candles. Admittedly, they’re pretty bright – but I reckon they have the cool factor if they’re placed cleverly in the right spot at home. My top tip is to stay clutter-free when displaying an item like this, to avoid the ‘granny’s sideboard’ look. £19.99

2. Bloom Boutique’s bulldog door knob adds a touch of dog-inspired style to a chest of drawers or a cute detail to a kids’ room. I love a quirky surprise in a stylish interior and this really fits the bill. £15

3. If you have a home office – or a dog-loving teenager – this bulldog lamp is top of my list to bring a bit of humour to your home. Cast in resin with a high-gloss finish, he actually beats the classic Abigail Ahern for me. £98.90

Bloom Boutique’s bulldog door knob

Bloom Boutique’s bulldog door knob

4. The most inexpensive and speedy way to update your home is to cast off your old cushions and snuggle up with a new design. Check out this Amy Brocklehurst hand-drawn bulldog linen cushion from her Tom, Dick and Harry collection. What a face! £40

5. For children who need a night light when they go to bed, this charming bulldog ceramic lamp is the perfect solution, casting a warm glow over the room. £37.57

When incorporating dog-inspired furnishings into your home, try to stick to one or two key pieces to accessorise your space. Avoid overdoing this look – less is definitely more here!

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Words: Aislinn Kelly

Bulldog couture: Upholsterer Joanna Mac on a new breed of interior design

British bulldogs. Singer Adele’s got one, Winston Churchill resembled one (allegedly!) and they have been popularly used to represent England and the UK for years. Now bulldogs are all over the most stylish of interiors.


Joanna Mac is an upholsterer whose English bulldogs are her inspiration. She sources elegant chairs for her clients and creates one-off pieces featuring one of her own mighty pooches, Watson, as her muse. Joanna says, “My dogs Watson and Rosy are hilarious and make me laugh every day. Their faces are so full of expression – what’s not to love?! I think that’s why bulldogs are so popular at the moment in interiors – they have such hugely expressive faces.”

Joanna Mac's bulldog Watson is the inspiration for her cute designs

Joanna Mac’s bulldog Watson is the inspiration for her cute designs

To Joanna, it seemed like the perfect solution to include Watson and Rosy in her work, as they “will do anything to make sure they are the centre of the universe – they are both such attention seekers!” She’s had a great response already to her designs and, as each one is unique, her clients are delighted to own a piece that cannot be found anywhere else.

When it comes to incorporating dog-inspired furnishings into your home, Joanna suggests you choose one or two key pieces. “Try not to overdo it,” she advises. “A chair and/or a cushion is plenty enough for one room and will allow your dog-inspired pieces to take centre stage.”

Of course, it’s not just we humans who can appreciate bespoke furniture. “I’ve been working on a footstool – but this one’s actually for my bulldogs,” Joanna explains. “They like to be able to see out of the window and watch the world go by but, as they are quite short, I re-upholstered one for them to sit on. They absolutely love it.”

One of Joanna’s Watson chairs retails for approximately £150 and you can arrange collection of your bespoke bulldog chair in just four to six weeks – and they make a fabulous gift. Based in south-west London, Joanna can be contacted via email at

Although Joanna doesn’t usually create pieces featuring her clients’ own pets – she has to be careful with the images she uses, as quality is paramount – we’re delighted that she’s extended her services to all Mighty Pooch clients. Simply send Joanna one of your professional photographs from your MP photoshoot and she will create a unique piece featuring your own canine chum.

Drop Joanna a line:

Coming soon to The Mighty Pooch blog: Bulldog couture part 2!

Words: Aislinn Kelly

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