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Bruce the dog can read the post

I’m the first person to admit that I see my dog as little person but even I was surprised to discover that my patterdale terrier cross can read.


Bruce likes to be helpful while we're at work!

Bruce likes to be helpful while we’re at work!

Our computers are not at our home address – we’d go stir crazy living and working in the corner of our kitchen at home. This is good for several reasons – we have access to a garden straight out of the back door on office days and Bruce enjoys the various comings and goings of other family members throughout the day.

No post addressed to me or Michael is ever delivered to this address – it all comes to our home address. And Bruce is not the sort of dog to shred letters up as the post person drops them through the door, nor does he collect the paper and bring it to our laps on a morning. Never.

Except twice. Twice Bruce has charged to the top of the house where we sit roasting at our computers with paper clutched between his teeth. The first time, he was carrying a rogue letter addressed to me – the only letter that has been delivered addressed to me in the last year. Clever or coincidence?

Perhaps I could put it down to coincidence if the only other time he did this hadn’t involved post that was very much in his interest. Yes, the other day he ran up two flights of stairs following the postman’s visit to deliver to us a leaflet for a local pet shop that was having a sale. I kid you not.

Now try and tell me that dogs can’t read. 😉

Words: Aislinn Kelly

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Photograph taken on iPhone – not indicative of our professional work 🙂

Looking good naked – clever or coincidence?

It seems that our Bruce believes the good old birthday suit is the only thing a dog should have hanging in his wardrobe. And he’s gone to great lengths to make sure we know it … Move over Gok, here’s how to really look good naked.


The very first time we let Bruce off the lead as a miniscule puppy, he was too small to see over the grass. His lack of height, coupled with his delight at being able to charge about freely, led to a water-based incident that I don’t think he’s ever forgotten.


Photograph copyright of The Mighty Pooch Dog Photographers

As Michael and I strolled along the canal towpath, Bruce shot off through the jungle of grass – and plopped straight into the water. Poor little chap hadn’t seen it coming. Since that day, he’s not been a fan of swimming and we never have to bring home a smelly, canal-dripping beast.

So when, a couple of years later, Bruce willingly dived into the canal, it was a huge surprise. But was it a coincidence or was he, actually, being rather clever?

You see, that day Bruce was wearing a scarf. Now, I’m not really a fan of dressing my dog up and, when he had ‘the operation’, he didn’t particularly enjoy having to wear the child’s t-shirt we put him in to stop him from licking his stitches. I should have remembered this when I chose to put a scarf on the proud little pup.

But the scarf was cute and, really, not much different from a collar. So I popped it on and off we went, towards the canal, for a leisurely walk, Bruce rocking his new blue scarf for the very first time. We crossed the swing bridge and turned onto the towpath, where I unclipped his lead. All of a sudden, he made a break for it, careering off course and performing a dive Tom Daley would be proud of, straight into the murky canal. I dashed to the edge frantically, where I found him doggy paddling serenely – and the scarf nowhere to be seen.

As I pulled Bruce back onto terra firma, he looked chuffed with himself. He really did. Pleased as punch. He shook himself off, lifted his head and trotted on, just as if nothing had happened.

He hasn’t been in the canal since. Or worn another scarf. Now, tell me that wasn’t planned by a little mastermind …

Next time on Crazy Dog Lady, more of Bruce’s clever (or coincidence) antics.

Words: Aislinn Kelly

Sam the Super Dog strikes again!

Ever wondered what the most tenacious breed of dog is? Well, I’m here to lay it on the line people. It has to be the miniature dachshund, with Super Dog Sam at the helm. He may be tiny in stature but he sure makes up for it in sheer determination.


Last time on Crazy Dog Lady, I relayed the story of Sam and his little super dog cape. But that was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Sam aged 13 years old

Sam aged 13 years old

Sam began his light-pawed ways as a puppy, when he broke into an unopened chocolate biscuit tin that was sitting on top of a chest. The family returned home to find a tiny puppy in the centre of biscuit carnage, having polished off a few of the choicest biscuits.

Later, when a tin of Quality Street went missing, everyone blamed Sam but no one had the foggiest idea where the tin was. Months later, it was found under a sideboard with teeth marks around the lid. It seemed our pesky thief had tried so hard to break in that he’d pushed it under the cabinet till he could no longer reach it. Oh the frustration! He’s even eaten half his human brother’s birthday cake.

I’ve been out for strolls with Sam when, all of a sudden, the lead tightens and I am jerked to a stop. I turn to see four short legs firmly planted to the ground and a busy nose pressed to the path. Upon inspection, I discover that Sam is in fact peeling someone’s old chewing gum off the pavement. Waste not, want not.

Sam’s also had a go at defrosting the freezer. As payment for his kind deed, he helped himself to a three course meal of paté, followed by chops, and rather splendidly rounded off with a portion of apple pie for pudding. I know for a fact he ate them in the right order. I just know it.

These pesky youngsters are always trying to steal the limelight!

These pesky youngsters are always trying to steal the limelight!

He has other talents, too. One day, his human mum brought boxes of plates home from a function that she’d agreed to wash. As she unpacked the last box from the car, she was waylaid by a neighbour and they proceeded to chat over the fence. Sam, the helpful little chap that he is, decided to do a good deed. So, he removed every single plate oh-so-carefully from each box, taking care not to break any, and laid them all out Jackson Pollock style on the kitchen floor, where he cleaned each plate until it gleamed.

Sam has even been known to cause the odd faux pas. At a dinner party, he was chastised for some time for whistling under the table. That was until his mum realised it was one of her guests, whistling through his dentures.

But the reason I know for sure that the dachshund is one of the most tenacious breeds, is what happened next. In 2007, Sam suffered a slipped disc and was initially paralysed. But with daily, dedicated physiotherapy on a table pushed up to the window so he could look out during his exercises, followed by walks with his back legs through the handles of a plastic bag, he learned to walk again. He’s pretty remarkable.

Sam can no longer fly to the top of the wardrobe in his super dog cape but he’s not lost his mischievous streak. These days, aged 13, he’s promoted himself to con artist. He’s lately taken to faking going to the loo in order to be awarded a treat. Found out!

So, if you’re ever wondering which the most determined breed of dog is, I think the dachshund has a good chance of being crowned king or queen.

Words: Aislinn Kelly

Dachshunds might fly: Sam the Super Dog

We know chocolate is poisonous to dogs and they must never get their chops round it. But the trouble is, our dogs don’t know that. In his youth, one dog I know would go to impossible lengths to get his paws on the forbidden fodder – and he’s less than one foot tall, so it’s no mean feat. He is Sam the miniature dachshund and he’s infamous in his home village due to his impossible antics.


The miniature dachshund - a force to be reckoned with!

The miniature dachshund – a force to be reckoned with!

I think it all started with a kit kat. As dogs don’t possess thumbs (yet, but I reckon they’re working on it), you don’t really expect them to open your kitchen cupboard, carefully remove a kit kat from a multi-pack, unwrap it with precision and then proceed to ‘take a break’, putting their paws up and munching away happily. Well, you don’t until you get home and see the smug expression on your little friend’s face and the evidence that a dog burglar has been at work.

So, from kit kat-gate onwards, it was clear that Sam was Not To Be Trusted in the kitchen. A lock was put on the pantry door, chocolate was placed way above head height and the family was warned. We have a tiny thief in our midst.

While we were busy congratulating ourselves on making our kitchens dachshund proof so Sam couldn’t steal from anyone in the family, it is now clear that Sam had moved onto greater plans. A master plan, if you will. How he learnt to use a needle and thread I’ll never discover, but somewhere in the house I just know there’s a little red and blue cape with a large S embroidered on the back, just the perfect size for Sam to shimmy his diminutive frame into. Because I now know that dachshunds can fly.

It was Easter a few years back. Sam’s human had been given a huge tin of chocolates as a gift. She knew what to do. She climbed on a chair and placed the tin on the highest shelf inside her wardrobe, shutting the door with a click. Then she went out to lunch with friends. And Sam sprang into action.

Assumedly, he raced with glee to his secret hiding place, where the cape was tucked away. In a ceremonious sweep, he whipped the cape over his front paws (inside leg two inches at most) and swooshed it about his shoulders, before taking flight to the top of the wardrobe, grasping the tin between his teeth and landing gently back on the carpet with the smuggest of expressions. He took care to hide the cape again, before ripping the plastic off the tin and beginning, one by one, to unwrap the treasures within and chew happily.

When his human returned home, she found Sam halfway through the tin. She was aghast, while he was in heaven. The wardrobe door was open, a good number of the sweets unwrapped and a proud little chap sat in the middle of the mess with complete pride. And absolutely no side effects, thank goodness. The guy must have a stomach of steel.

How a foot-tall dachshund managed to get a tin of chocolates down from the top shelf inside a wardrobe we’ll never know. Maybe he spent an hour crashing against the wardrobe until the tin unbalanced and fell, knocking the door open as it did so. Maybe he willed it down with one of those hard stares. Me? I reckon he flew. And I’m going to keep searching for that cape!

NB: Chocolate is very bad for dogs and can be fatal. Like us, do all you can to keep it out of their reach. Oh, and no dogs were harmed in the writing of this article!

More of Sam’s antics to come in Crazy Dog Lady …

Words: Aislinn Kelly

Wrapping up a chilly March on The Mighty Pooch dog blog

We’ve worn gloves in the office at Mighty Pooch HQ this month on occasions as it’s been so flipping cold. Our favourite hot water bottle Brucie has been employed to keep our knees warm every morning – as office dog, he has a vital role to play in keeping us inspired and motivated! Despite having to rearrange a few photoshoots thanks to the truckloads of snow, this month on the new dog blog has been fun and we’ve come across some great finds.

Buddy at the beach on a rare un-snowy day this March

Buddy at the beach on a rare un-snowy day this March

In cool canine kit we lusted after dog-inspired jewellery for the fashion-forward woman – I’m still keen to get my finger through one of those stunning Chris Robin greyhound rings.

We also chatted to Brit designer Joanna Mac, an upholsterer whose English bulldogs are her inspiration. Their expressive faces ensure her cute designs are bang on trend.

In pic of the shoot we shared some of our own dog photography techniques for taking great images, beginning with our very own little chap Bruce who, surprise surprise, we photographed against a gorgeous snowy backdrop as he flew through the air. Move over David Gandy, there’s a new male supermodel in town.

Next up came Buddy, a red dachshund/King Charles spaniel mix whose latest photoshoot at the beach showed off his lovely coat to perfection.

Elsewhere this month I confessed to my daft notion that the beautiful town of Patterdale in the Lake District – the birthplace of Bruce’s ancestors – would be a sort of Disneyland for patterdale terriers, complete with gift shops and museums dedicated to my beloved breed. In the words of Del Boy, what a plonker!

Greyhound ring by Christopher Robin

Greyhound ring by Christopher Robin

And finally, we celebrated National Puppy Day, as dog lovers across the globe campaigned for an end to puppy farms and pet shops selling pups. Let’s hope, one day soon, we’ll see an end to this cruelty.

And so April is almost here – we hope it brings milder weather. Hey, maybe even some rays of sunshine! To The Mighty Pooch blog, April will bring more musings from the crazy dog lady, plus plenty of new cool canine kit to drool over and some gorgeous products to brighten your dog’s day. We’ll take a whistlestop tour through some quirky surprises for stylish interiors in part 2 of our bulldog couture feature and we’ll also meet Dexter the boxer and Lucy the spaniel in pic of the shoot. Plus, our new website should make an appearance. So stay tuned. And get in touch!

Happy Easter!

Aislinn Kelly and Michael Thompson

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