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A snowy day with Bruce: pic of the shoot one

Bruce pic of the shoot

An insight in to the world of a dog photographer.


This is our Bruce, who’s used to posing for our camera. If there’s a biscuit on offer, he’s the David Gandy of the canine world.

As a terrier, Bruce is pretty switched on. It’s fairly easy to ask him to jump onto a stone, sit there till we give the command and then jump off. Nonetheless, this image took a couple of takes to ensure we timed it right.

The sun was out. This gave us a great source of light to illuminate Bruce (who, being black, isn’t the simplest dog to photograph, especially against white snow!) while keeping the background nicely exposed without losing the detail. We can see the view clearly. The key to an image like this is ensuring you catch the light in the dog’s eyes, particularly with a dark dog like Bruce.

The position of Bruce’s tail in this shot is so characteristic of him – he always trots around like he means business with his tail in the air, usually wagging. We’re pretty sure there’s a good dose of fell terrier (or Patterdale terrier as they’re more commonly known) in our little chap, so a leap like this is typical of his breed.

This photograph is definitely going on our wall at home: it’s an original shot of our little guy plus a wintery landscape image to boot.

More pic of the shoots coming soon!

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