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Dog-inspired jewellery for fashion-forward women

It’s your sister’s/mum’s/daughter’s birthday. It happens every year, funnily enough. Should you reach for the same old perfume you buy year on year – or something a little bit different? Well, we’ve scoured the net to bring you the coolest dog-inspired jewellery for those who adore their four-legged friends. No cheese here.


Christopher Robin’s greyhound ring in silver


With designers like London-based Annina Vogel producing vintage-inspired animal jewellery worn by the likes of Keira Knightley (swallow ring, £1,250) and Kate Moss (gold and pearl horseshoe ring, £450), animal jewellery is making a big comeback. Here’s our top five list of dog jewellery to make you drool.

1. Marc Jacobs’ Shorty Dog Tag Necklace is a long chain with a cute glass-pearl bulldog charm – ideal to brighten up the latest catwalk trend, the trouser suit. £79

2. We are in love with Christopher Robin’s Greyhound Ring, available in both gold and silver. Elegant and sleek, the silver version is a steal at around £42. I’m dropping hints right now and I don’t even have a greyhound.

3. Dog and Dolls’ Anais Gold Bracelet would make a gorgeous gift for a girl who loves glamour and gold. With a little resin pooch charm, gold ribbon and gold-effect beads, it’s just too pretty. End of. £57.99

4. This Oh So Sweet Boston Terrier Pendant is a total bargain at just £4.74. How about ditching the Easter eggs this year and buying your loved ones a pretty little gift like this instead?

5. From Silk Purse Sow’s Ear comes this adorable Labrador Dog Locket in antique brass, surely the perfect place to keep your favourite photograph. £14

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Words: Aislinn Kelly

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