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All rise for National Puppy Day: Let’s spread the word

Saturday 23 March is National Puppy Day in the US and UK: a whole day devoted to puppies and the joy they bring to our lives. But there’s a more serious side to this celebration of puppy love – and that’s to raise awareness globally about the horrors of puppy farms, to campaign for puppy-free pet shops and to care for orphaned puppies.

Bruce with a toy apple as a puppy

Bruce with a toy apple as a puppy


Our dog Bruce was around four weeks old when he was found abandoned. Where he came from, we’ll never know. He was tiny, helpless and totally adorable. To think there are puppies just like Bruce out there who are crammed into cages in pet mills, before being sold to anyone who wants them in pet shops, is shocking to say the least. It wrenches at your gut.

The mothers are forced to keep producing litters and are often killed in these puppy farms. It’s a cruel and terrible life. We know how sensitive and intelligent our canine friends are – how could anyone treat them like this?

National Puppy Day was founded in 2006 – click here to find out more.

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