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Karma, poo and plastic bags

There are around eight million dogs in the UK, probably producing three or four poos each per day. Imagine that piled up into a heap – it would take a pretty daring explorer to scale that particular mountain.


Got my poo bags at the ready!

Got my poo bags at the ready!

Dogs Trust says that, for the first time in 10 years, the amount of poop not being scooped on the streets of Britain has increased. They’ve launched a new campaign – along with Keep Britain Tidy – called the Big Scoop, which is aiming to persuade more people to pick up after their dog. TV presenter Ben Fogle, who is involved in the campaign, is unhappy about the amount of poop in his local park and often clears up after other dogs: “I pick up one extra poo each time I pick up after my dog but authorities … need to do more to enforce it.” Collecting more than one deposit is a good idea. But why should it have to be the case? And, let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than picking up a cold poo that belongs to someone else’s dog. Eww.

One morning on holiday last month, Bruce leapt off the boat and trotted up the bank to deposit in full view of a family on a sailing boat that was also moored up. I lost sight of his movements as I went to get a bag to collect it. I had to get Bruce to show me where the poo was, which greatly impressed the lady on the sailing boat who was watching. All I did really was call Bruce over to the general location I thought the poo was and, because I can’t help chatting to him, said, “Show me where it is then.” Of course, as dogs do, he came over and, as expected, went to sniff his poo, thereby indicating to me where to get scooping. I scooped while the lady on the sailing boat said what a clever dog I have, believing that Bruce had clearly understood my question before pointing out very helpfully where he’d been to the toilet. Did I dispute that? Er, no. Course not! 🙂

She also said what a good dog owner I was for picking up the poo. I was surprised – isn’t that what’s expected of all we dog owners? People shouldn’t have to praise us for it. I explained that I believe in karma – if I don’t pick up Bruce’s poo, guaranteed I will tread in someone else’s poo before the week is out. And, in summer when the open-toed sandals come out, that is a particularly terrible prospect.

It’s simple really. If we always picked up our own dog’s poo, there’d be no poo for us to tread in. We’d never arrive at a friend’s house harbouring a decidedly offensive odour on the bottom of our shoes and we wouldn’t have to spend the majority of our walks looking at the floor to avoid the stuff. Let’s hope the campaign works.

Words: Aislinn Kelly

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